How to Pose in front of a Camera?

How to have a good result for your photo shoot – 7 tips you can use it right the way. Not everyone can be confident in front of camera, even more it is not easy to pose naturally while looking good in your own pictures. It is common for people to be nervous or uncomfortable when they are having a professional photo shoot.  It can be the studio environment, a photographer’s personality, or your own preparation.

I will teach you 7 the most useful tips that you can apply on your first photoshoot.

A good sleep can increase your confidence:

Having a good sleep can help you avoid looking tired on the photo session day.  Especially, when you are tired, the sagging under-eye bags and tired eyes can easily show up on your face. And you will not focus well to your photographers’ guides, a lot of mistakes can happen. Meanwhile, your eyes will not look sharp in the pictures, it will reflect the real you at that time, no matter how much makeup on your face. After a several of test photos, you will likely be unhappy to the results. The worst thing is that you think you are not good enough.

  • Remember to let your body be relaxed, then make your mind focused. You just not ready yet; it is not you are not good enough.
  • Sleep well and smile confidently in front of the camera.

Select your outfits at the night before:

Please do not think you can do everything well in 1 hour or 2 hours before your photo session.  Really, no problem? Have these scenes happened to you as well? Where is my blue pant? I remember I put into my bag. Why these two colors are matching so ugly? I think these sneakers can go with the suit, No? I forgot to bring the leather one.

It happened all the time, how could you not be nervous when you realize your outfits are not right. Can your mode affect your photos? Yes, that is why you need to prepare at the night before. If you are having a business photo shoot. Think about what kind impression do you want to present to people? A serious and professional lawyer image?

For example, man style, you can choose navy blue, black, or charcoal grey color suit to match a white, light blue, or dark brown shirt inside. For women, you can have options of neat color statement dress, a black & white button-down shirt, or a peach color suit etc. But remember to bring your beautiful high heels.

  • Jewellery can be optional; it is always good to ask your photographer.
  • Be clear what type of cloth should you wear.
  • Select your outfits the night before the photo shoot.

Do your hair and make-up on the same photo shoot day!

Have you heard your friend or family members who wakes up at 5 am on her wedding day? What the time she spends for? The answer is hair and make-up. However, you do not need that much. A good amount of attention and time between 1-2 hour will be enough for you for a normal photo shoot.

A good make-up will shine you and give you more options to select some good pictures. If your make-up style matches well with selected outfits, your characters will stand out. Most of time, people will be surprised how beautiful they can be in the pictures. No limitation!

If you are the type people who do not apply makeup to their daily life, then pay more attention to your hair. A good smooth hair can highlight your pictures. Looks organized and attractive. You do not want an oily, shabby or bumpy. If you are a girl, you do not want your curls look lifeless. It is a big No for photography.  

  • Not early, not too late when you prepare your hair and make-up.
  • A good hair and make-up can bring you surprises on your photo session day.
  • You are already looking amazing, so be confident in front of camera.

Trust your photographer and trust yourself!

When you meet your photographer at the first time. What did you talk to yourself? I am assuming you are having some judgment, hopes, and concerns at the same time. Maybe the way he or she talks makes you uncomfortable. Will you lose your interest to your coming photo session?

Of course not! You are here to take a great photo! You will not be affected by some unknown factors. Sometimes, you can not know a person by one-time meeting.

So, focus more to yourself. Perhaps, you already saw the photographers’ portfolio, customer reviews, as well as contacted him/her by email, message, or phone call. You should trust your choice. Among all the photographers around you, there must be a reason you choose the one.

  • Do not judge people during the first impression.
  • Search the photographer’s portfolio, customer reviews, and contact him/her before you decide to hire him/her.
  • Once you choose the photographer, then trust him/her. More importantly, trust yourself!

Look at the middle of the camera lens!

As a photographer, I often see customers look at me instead of camera lens. In this way, the pictures will turn out not accurate. A little bit above or below the eye focus point.  We are talking about a straight eye-to-eye contact. Now, the red point in the middle of camera lens is another eye that you should focus on it. Though you move your head or turn your body slightly, that is the eye you should have a direct contact with. Except one condition, you are purposely posing in different eye lines to create a meaningful image. Different angles can make your photos lively, and pop-up. But, if you are taking business card portrait, a focused and straight eye contact is especially important.

  • Do not look at the photographer’s head, instead focus on the middle of the camera lens.
  • Your eyes will look sharp when you have a right eye contact.

Look at the camera lens!

Sometimes, after a 20-minute photo shoot, you start to be getting a bit of tired. A noticeable sigh is your photographer tell you to repeat multiple times at a same pose. More likely is your eyes are not sharp in the photos. It is common for people who are not models. For models, they learn how to have a strong look, and interact with photographers’ guide in a fast change speed. It is all based on the experience. Therefore, we need to know how to be captured in an ideal way. Now, I am teaching you how to stay focused when you feel tired.

Move your head down a bit, a slightly different angle but as small as possible. The key is when your photographer tells you ready to look at the camera, you should use the less time and effort to raise your head to delivery a fresh look. It is like someone suddenly call your name, and you quickly look at him/her. That moment, you are focused, natural, and strong. Your photographer can tell your picture looks very sharp, especially your eyes. Good news is that you can repeat the process and continues to stay focused.

When a photographer tells you how to move in a certain way, he or she design you in this picture frame. Your body should be in the middle, left, or right side of the picture, Your face should around which location of the frame. If you move too much, more likely you will not have the ideal result.

  • Your neck raises too high, the double chin can be easily showed up. If your body turn right too much, you may only be captured half of your body. Therefore, as a beginning, it is good to lock your foot and body, slightly move your head a bit.
  • It is not a problem if you start to feel tired during your photo shoot.
  • Slightly move your head a bit, you can be captured in a fresh look.
  • Don’t move your neck and body, you might out of a designed frame.

Be okay to try multiple poses!

When you look at influencers’ posts on Instagram and Pinterest, how often are you shocked by their amazing pictures.

  • Woo…such a glory photo! How tiny her waist is!
  • Where did she take the picture? I need to go there!
  • Which brand did she wear? This cloth makes her so pretty. Where can I buy?

Is it true that they always look beautiful in daily life? Is the cloth brand makes them special? Let me tell you the secret. You are not different with them, if you also took a thousand of professional photos a year. It is the knowledge that you accumulate in a daily base, how to take good photos.

Look through their pictures in the social media, you can find a trend that they love to pose. For example, why he likes to turn a side angle and twist his body in the pictures? Because he can have a smaller waist and show noticeable muscles in this way. YES, pros are the one who tries a lot and find out a golden road.

Look back your pictures in the social media, is there too many selfies.  A same face with different background. Will people be amazed by the same pose? Probably not, so how to have a good photo then? Practice at home, try different poses as much as possible. Feel free to dump, to turn around, to lift your arms and so on, gradually you will know more about yourself. Know your best face side, your golden face angle, and your greatest body poses. If you do not like to pose at home, at least for some appropriate poses. Try them when your photographer askes you to do it.

Avoid these:

  • I never twist this much angle.
  • I do not think this look good.
  • I do not want to try it.

The question is how do you know this posed does not suit you? What is going to happened when you realized the pictures do not look good in this way? So, delete it and change to next poses. A photo session with a poker face will not be fun. But a different pose might make your pictures look colorful.

  • Be brave to try multiple poses.
  • You will know more about yourself in different picture styles.
  • Practice a numerous good photo can make you pose like influencers.

All I do is delivering my best skills, best lighting, and best set up. All you do is posing.

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